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The 7 Golden Rules of Website Indexing

Don’t let poor indexing hold your website back. Learn why looking after indexing is crucial for search engine visibility, credibility, and revenue.

SEO Expert? Here are 3 Robots.txt examples that you will interpret wrong, guaranteed.

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Subdomains or subfolders? Which one should you use for your website?

It’s not an easy decision between subdomains and subfolders, but we think subfolders are the best recommendation for most marketers.

Google Site Command does not return indexed pages

The Google site: command does not what you think it does. The Google site: command lists the URLs known, not the URLs indexed.

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Indexed URLs blocked in Robots.txt
How to find Indexed URLs that Google is blocked from in Robots.txt

Don’t make the mistake to block an indexed URL in robots.txt! If you did, here’s how to find and fix them.