If Google crawlers change their mind about your website, 
You should be the first to know,
without the hassle.

URLinspector is here to help you with

Automated Google Crawl Monitoring.

Using original data right from Google. Downloaded and Analyzed automatically for you.

No more assumptions made from log files or private crawlers needed.

What really matters are decisions by Google Crawlers, and you can get those now.


URLinspector is an online URL Inspection Tool you can use in your browser.


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URLinspector helps you get the most out of the data provided by Google.
Why spend time with log file and crawler simulation, if you now can analyze actual decisions made by Google Crawlers?


No more guesswork on crawling.

URLinspector takes a close look for you at each and every of those 100000s of data points provided over time.
You get a historical log in URLinspector about all changes, alerts an crawl anomalies.
If Google changes its mind about something on your website, you should be the first to know, without the hard work.

This automation is especially important if you  work with larger websites, as you can imagine.

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URLinspector is a new tool built when Google announced its new API. 
Technology and know-how come from the team of LinkResearchTools, one of the most advanced backlink analysis suites with a special power for finding toxic links.
A free plan of URLinspector for typical small business websites shall remain free for as long as possible. 
For our enterprise clients, we also work on making the product the best bulk URL Inspection tool for larger websites and crawl data analysis for millions of URLs and hundreds of websites to manage. 

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URLinspector Basic allows you to

  • Setup up to 5 GSC properties to monitor
  • Crawl Allowance up to 10.000 URLs per week
  • Fully automated collection of data
  • Automated alerts on all problems found 
  • Basic Exports
  • Basic Reports
  • Basic Charts

Do you want Free Access to URLinspector Basic for Lifetime? 

Sorry, that promo is over. We gave away 478 free "URLinspector Basic" for lifetime accounts in little pre launch promo.

The good news? If you sign up to the Waiting list above, you will still get access for free for the start. We just don't guarantee free services for everyone for all times