Google Search Console connection expires

The Google Search Console connection can sometimes expire in URLinspector, and here is how to fix that.


The symptoms of a problem with your GSC connection could be

  • no fresh updates
  • no data at all
  • in all cases (we hope) - a yellow Warning sign in your top navigation

The Warning Sign in your top navigation

We show a yellow warning sign, in your top navigation, when we detect that the GSC connection has a problem.


To fix it, click on the exclamation mark.

Re-Connection your Google Search Console

If you have are logged into multiple accounts, you get the typical Oauth login prompt where you need to pick the right account as shown below.


Then (or if you only have 1 account) you see the privileges screen


You can click on 4 services to review the privileges you give.

The important one is

img View Search Console data for your verified sites

View Search Console data without making any changes. (e.g., list sites, view crawl errors)

The other scopes are basics that “come with it”.


Re-Initialization of your profiles

URL Inspector tries to re-initialize all your profiles.

Failed Profile initialization

It is possible that some of the profiles remain in a “NO ACCESS” status. That is an indicator for a configuration problem in your Google Search Console.


Pro-Tip: Refreshing with new profiles to your account

If you have added new profiles to your Google Search Console Account, then you can

  1. go to Setup Monitoring
  2. click on Setup all Domains with 1 Click

URLinspector will then load any new profiles from your Search Console.