The 1st problem: only 2,000 URL Inspections per day

The Google Search Console URL Inspection API is limited to 2,000 URLs per day.

What sounds like a lot to some is not so much for large eCommerce websites.

The solution: multiple GSC properties.

Google Search Console API limits you to 2,000 URLs per day, on each the “Property” setup in Google Search Console.

You can have multiple properties, and each property can have its limitations.

So you can have one property with 2,000 URLs and another with 2,000 URLs.

The next problem: multiple GSC properties.

So you can set up hundreds of GSC properties.

The next problem is that you oversee and manage these multiple properties.

Some websites have and need to set up dozens or even hundreds of GSC Properties.

And you can run some simple tools on each of them and then merge the data, sure.

You could also build a database to keep the history of all the data collected.

As an agency, you need to set this up and repeat it for each client. Every day, ideally.

That’s a lot of tedious, manual work - isn’t it?

The solution: URLinspector

URLinspector fixes the limitation that you can only get 2,000 URLs inspected in Google Search Console daily.

URLinspector is THE tool you can use to inspect more than 2,000 URLs per day.

You can set up many “detail properties” in GSC and then have URLinspector inspect and combine them all.

The URLinspector setup for more than 2,000 URLs per website per day

The setup is simple.

You need to set up a set of “detail properties” in Search Console in addition to your domain-wide property.

Example domain-wide property:

Example detail properties:

How URLinspector gets the most for you

From the above example, URLinspector will import all these GSC property profiles. These profiles will be used most optimally to inspect the maximum of your URLs.

So everything in Spanish is probably hosted in the subfolder, which has its own GSC property, luckily.

URLinspector can inspect up to 2,000 URLs from that subfolder for you daily.

This work for the /es/ folder will in no way limit URL inspections on any other folder or subdomain.

Any other language folder will also contribute up to 2,000 URLs per day, making in 22,000 URLs per day for these content folders.

In addition to that, the property contributes up to 2,000 URL inspections per day, as well.

And, of course, the domain-wide property still contributes up to 2,000 URL inspections per day, as well.

So we’re up to 26,000 URL inspections for this one website already. That’s more reasonable for a popular media website or eCommerce store.

Bonus tip: subdomains can have their own GSC properties, too

You can also set up GSC properties for subdomains, like or

You can then inspect up to 2,000 URLs per day for each of these subdomains, too.

If you have a lot of content on those, you could again add folders for each language, like or

Or, if you have different product categories in the shop, you could add the following: and and and so on.

Archiving of data

URLinspector keeps a history of all the data it collects for you, even during the day.

This history will be beneficial for you to see how your URLs are doing over time.

The team of URLinspector has many premium features to make the most of this data.


URLinspector is a tool you can use to inspect more than 2,000 URLs per day in a very convenient way.

You get the status of Google for your website the same day, even during the day, not with days of delay.

You can setup a free trial for 14 days with URLinspector, and see how it works for you.

Start with 14 days free trial, no credit card required.